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  • Name: Andrey Vasilyev
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  • 17 April 2020 at 06:42AM
  • The scheme is implemented the first lamp phase shifter of the left and right stages, the second and third lamps the cathode repeater has an OOS, low output impedance, the transmission coefficient of the signal is close to unity, it practically does not attenuate the signal, low sensitivity to the ripple voltage, low coefficient of non-linear distortions
    Output signal at 32 ohms (5W)
    Or maybe more


military lamps ussr 6n3p / 6n23p  military lamps ussr 6n3p / 6n23p
  • Item: headphone tube amplifier
  • Type: military lamps ussr 6n3p / 6n23p
  • Posted: 14 April 2020
  • Builder: TDAudio
  • Country: Russian Federation
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