• Item: Idler Drive Turntable + Tonearm  
  • Type: Lenco  
  • Posted: 3 February 2015  
  • Builder: MiWi  
  • Country: Germany  
  • Comments: 0  

Big Joe

Turntable based on a Lenco L75 Motor and two Lenco L75 platers.

Made from steel, stainless steel and polymeric concrete. Very heavy (plinth about 100 pound, tonearmbase appr. 50 pound)
high density, high E-Modul and stiffness
+ a little damping (only just as much as needed)

Sandwhich alloy/polyethylen/alloy, 7.5kg / 16 pound
low centre of gravity, decoupling of idlerwheel contact-area from the platter and vinyl / pickup

DIY bearing, standard classic design (non inverted, oilproof)

DIY tonearm, 11inch, gimbaled design


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