• Item: 120 lbs marble TT  
  • Type: Rek-O-Kut K33 and Infinity Black Widow gimble  
  • Posted: 6 April 2016  
  • Builder: djnagle  
  • Country: United States  
  • Comments: 1  


Carved this out of a chunk of marble I had laying about. Used the Rek-O-Kut K33 platter, bearing, motor and plate. Took a full day to polished the platter, it was so corroded.. The tone arm gimble is a Black Widow and the arm is carbon fiber. I made the head-shell. All up weight is just over 120 pounds.


  • tt28
  • 4 March 2017 at 08:16PM
  • nice work!!!

    I am thinking about custom tonearm (16 to 20")...but i don't know the calculation.

    1) how do you make the head-shell?
    2) where do you get the specification for carbon fiber tonearm and weights?

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