• Item: 829b Push Pull Tube Amplifier  
  • Type: Ravacio Amplification 829b PP  
  • Posted: 10 October 2016  
  • Builder: John  
  • Country: Philippines  
  • Comments: 0  

12AT7-12AU7 829b Push-Pull project

This amp was loosely based on Seiichiro Suzuki 829b Push-Pull amplifier. However, instead of using a cathodyne phase inverter, I took the route of using LTP. Many amps like Audioromy FU29 have already used Cathodyne Phase Inverter. The main advantage of LTP over Cathodyne is that LTP is very linear. The 829b needs to be driven by low impedance output and this LTP using 12AU7 is a good candidate.

Playing safe with the input driver design, I have used a 12AT7 SRPP like you usually see on HIFI amps. Amplifiers using SRPP were called "distortion less audio amplifier" way back in the 50's.

The Output Stage uses the exquisite 829b a double tetrode tubes used in VHF radios in its hay day.


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