• Item: PASS Aleph DIY  
  • Type: Aleph 30 based circuit  
  • Posted: 15 January 2017  
  • Builder: derJonas  
  • Country: Germany  
  • Comments: 0  

Pass Aleph 45

Mono Power Amplifiers based on Pass Aleph 30 schematic.

6 transistors instead of 4 in A30.
Bias current raised by factor 2. Adjustable from outside by switch.

Improved power supply with 188.000 uF capacity per channel Evox RIFA Caps.

Choke power supply with monacor inducdance.

Very close matched parts of highest grade.

Case made by 5mm and 10mm aluminium plates. Black anodized.

Sound fantastic: Warm, detailed, very good control.


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