• Item: Invisible amplifier  
  • Type: TDA7492  
  • Posted: 20 February 2017  
  • Builder: DexM  
  • Country: Germany  
  • Comments: 0  

"invisible amplifier"

low budget office amplifier project. Invisible between other Measurements equipments ;)

15€ TDA Board
17€ used toroidal transformer
15€ old enclosure from a TAYLOR-HUDSON
~ 20€ connectors, capacitors, Fuses etc.

I designed a holder for PCB, Capacitors Fuses and so on and 3D printed it.

Fuseholder (primary) , 230V Connector , Knobs used from the old enclosure.

VU Meter function also works, with a small circuit i made.

A few more Pictures and ( german ) description you can found here:


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