• Item: KT88 SET  
  • Type: Clementine  
  • Posted: 13 March 2017  
  • Builder: No. 4  
  • Country: United States  
  • Comments: 1  

KT88 Clementine

This low power SET is paired with a khozmo attenuator driven directly from CD source. This amp has plenty of power to drive the La Scala clones that were actually built to compliment this amp. I am currently using KT88s, but his amp can be operated with several tubes. I originally used 6L6GC but switched to the KT88s and have used them exclusively since. The enclosure was hand built and is my favorite so far. I laminated the side panels out of cherry, walnut, poplar and maple and then finished them with tung oil. The front and rear panels were cut by hand and the "window" on the front panel was cut with a router, by hand. The top plate is polished copper, along with other copper accents throughout. The builds consists of the following parts.

Edcor USA power and output transformers
Edcor choke
Parks audio clementine PCB
Schurter illuminated push button switch
AMB switch driver
Schurter IEC module
Audio note binding posts
Silver signal wiring
Electro harmonix KT88

The last photo shows the effect of the switch at night. I have been enjoying this amp nearly every day for two years now, I finally took the time to stop listening and post it!


  • HiHoSilver
  • 17 April 2017 at 05:04AM
  • Hi, I love the look of dark wood and brushed aluminum...
    Very nice! How does it sound? Would you serve any diagram, schematic or other secret ingredients? :-)


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