• Item: Pass Diy  
  • Type: Amp camp amp - clone  
  • Posted: 15 August 2017  
  • Builder: ESJ  
  • Country: Finland  
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After my Aleph 5's - project I got my hands on some vintage JBL drivers. I was planning to drive them passive with Alephs but I couldn't find original xo's anywhere. So, chose to go active then.

Lurking around internet couple of nights and trying to find suitable low power class-A amp to drive JBL horns. Soon it was clear: Amp camp amp. It's proven to be good quality and nice sounding piece of amplifier.

I ordered pcb's, Trafox toroid and rest of parts I had already. Case is home made again, tried to clone some of looks from my Alephs, mainly for the top/roof part, but this is not the easiest part without proper tools and workspace. Light inside indicates power on, it's actually red nowadays.


Single-ended class-A.

Trafox 160VA 2x18v toroid.

44 000uF filtering per channel (there is room and holes already to upgrade 2x more capacitance, happening soon), basic CRC supply.

2 x 6w@8ohm

Sinks are from old broken Nad 216.

Sorry for bad pictures :/ I try to get better ones some day.

Thank you Mr. Pass, thanks DIY-community. Thanks Pia for welding trafos L-stand.

-Esa Juntunen


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