• Item: darTZeel - Clone  
  • Type: NHB-108  
  • Posted: 29 October 2017  
  • Builder: ESJ  
  • Country: Finland  
  • Comments: 2  

The Guardian

Same old Aleph 5 than my previous monoblock-build, just new clothes. Monos took quite a lot space, so chose to go taller dual mono this time.

2 x 545va toroids.

2 x Inrush current limiter.

132 000uF filtering capacitanse per channel, 264 000uF total.

Homebrew metal frame, some pieces of tinted perspex and 2mm aluminium. Nothing special here. Sanded caps behind tinted perspex seems to be my trademark :) theres also 4 white leds so you can see caps nicely when powering on.

Thanks again Akkeli, nice welding work with the frame!

Edit: 20.1.2018
I chose to remove Aleph 5 from insides of this case. It would be waste to drive only frequencies below 500hz with such a huge Class-A SE amp.

With only a little modification I fitted darTZeel-clone parts inside. I use exactly the same PSU as with Alephs, so little low on rails now. Total power is probs something like +80w@8ohm.

On my recent JBL's Aleph sounded more defined, got a little lower and bass was more exact. But on the other hand, I consume a LOT less power now. It seems you can't get everything :)

Both channels of darTZeel and PSU is located in the lower part of frame, this is temporary build anyway now and case have some new plans for future :)


  • TwistedPair
  • 4 December 2017 at 10:29PM
  • Stunning originality.. a visual masterpiece.. take a bow.
  • ESJ
  • 10 December 2017 at 08:01AM
  • Thank's for kind words, sir! :)

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