• Item: Shop amplifier  
  • Type: Transmitter tube amp  
  • Posted: 5 February 2018  
  • Builder: JC  
  • Country: United States  
  • Comments: 0  

Overkill Deluxe

Here is the tube amp I always wanted to build. Construction time has been about 3 years but I have been gathering parts and iron forever.
It uses four 4-400 tubes to drive the 4-48 inch ribbons and 15 inch JBL's and a pair of gu-46 tubes to drive 4-10 inch long throw subs.
B+ voltage is 2500 volts and uses a pair of 872 MV rectifiers to charge 12- 10,000 mfd 450 volt caps.
Weight is around 2200 lbs W/O speakers.


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