• Item: Jazzman's Ripole Subs  
  • Type: SLS Ripole Subwoofers  
  • Posted: 4 May 2011  
  • Builder: Jazzman53  
  • Country: United States  
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Jazzman's Ripole Subs

The speaker building psychosis got the best of me again after becoming intrigued by "Ripole" subs from German inventor Axel Ridtahler. A Riplole as basically a compact folded-baffle dipole that plays very low (below 20hz) and because its “figure-eight” sound pattern nulls the output off-axis, it excites fewer of the room resonances that can give bass the dreaded “one-note boom”.

The boxes are 3/4 MDF sheathed with 5mm red oak plywood and edge-trimmed with quarter-round oak molding. The center sections are white oak planks stained in a contrasting color and indexed to the mating box halves with 1/4 oak dowel pins. Box sections are fastened together using 1/4-20 all-thread rods and decorative cap nuts. Sheathing and trimming the boxes is probably more work than most people would want to endure so I’ve attached a drawing and cut list for a simpler box using only 3/4 MDF or plywood. The woofer cutouts in the baffle boars are cut with a bit of extra clearance to allow the woofer magnets to center themselves in the outer panel openings. I used foam speaker gasket tape to seal around the woofer magnets. Of course, I also have a CAD drawing of the box with oak sheathing and trim if anyone wants it (email jazzman1953@gmail.com). The woofers are wired in parallel for 4-ohm load and I’m using a Behringer DCX2496 digital crossover and TFM-25 amp.




  • Jazzman53
  • 4 May 2011 at 04:59PM
  • Ooops! Forgot the parts list:

    Parts List for two Ripole subs with connecting cables:
    (4) Peerless SLS 12" woofers (Parts Express) $320
    (2) Pair binding posts (Parts Express 091-1245) $18
    (1) Sheet 3/4 MDF (Home Depot) $25
    (4) 1/4-20 x 36 all-thread rod (Home Depot) $7
    (16) 1/4-20 furniture cap nuts (Home Depot) $16
    (8 ) 1/4-20 threaded wood-inserts (Home Depot) $8
    (8 ) Speaker spike feet (Parts Express 249-727) $4
    (1) 1/4 x 36 oak dowel $2
    (32) #8 x 1” cap screws (Parts Express 081-425) $3
    (1) bottle yellow wood glue $4
    (8 ) Banana plugs (Parts Express 091-356) $11
    (1) Roll speaker gasket tape (Parts Express 260-542) $6
    (1) 50ft- 14ga flat-braid copper speaker cable (Rat Shack) $25
    Total $443

  • TwistedPair
  • 13 December 2016 at 06:40AM
  • Gorgeous!!!!!

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