• Item: Overture gainclone  
  • Type: LM4780 dual mono  
  • Posted: 12 May 2012  
  • Builder: No. 4  
  • Country: United States  
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Integrated dual mono LM4780

Audiosector LM 4780 pcbs standard BOM parallel/dual mono configuration
Antek an-3222 toroidal transformers with antek covers
Nichicon gold tune 6800uf power supply caps, 13,600uf per rail
Clarity caps MSA 4.7uf input caps
amb e27 colume control pcb
alps rk27 potentiometer
Cardass ACBP binding posts
Cardass CTFA rca's
Schurter MSM 19LA power switch
8audio volume knob, refinished to match brushed aluminum
Heatsink USA 6" x 6" heatsinks
walnut side panels cut from May 8, 2009 inland hurricane storm wood, tung oil finish
2024 aluminum parts cut and finished using hand tools and a drill press
total weight @43 lbs

More information can be found on diyaudio.com in the chip amp section.
integrated dual mono LM4780


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