• Item: Class-A amplifier - RHINO -  
  • Type: JLH1969  
  • Posted: 23 December 2012  
  • Builder: leopard  
  • Country: Sweden  
  • Comments: 2  

- Rhino -

I know i already had a final version of my JLH1969, but after i got a pair of heatsinks i decided to push this old schematic a bit harder. Now it is working with the previous PCB board with some small modifications. It is dissipating 80W per channel and i get ca 12% of it at the output. Same 2SC2922 Sanken transistors at the output, Takman Carbon Film resistors, RIFA capacitors etc. The input cap is an old NOS russian military PIO K40Y-9 having 1uF in capacitance. Total weight is about 25Kg.

The sound is the same i had before i guess. What i noticed is that an amplifier became much more sensitive to the input capacitors. Changing it you can really feel the differences (the value remains the same).


  • osscar
  • 24 December 2012 at 02:45AM
  • very nice!
  • yannig
  • 31 January 2013 at 06:21AM
  • very clean and original realisation !

    I made myself several versions of JLH, it's a very alive sound solid state amplifier.

    I switched later for triode SE amps, but that's another story.

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