• Item: Turntable  
  • Type: Belt Drive  
  • Posted: 8 February 2013  
  • Builder: Kraemer Designs  
  • Country: United States  
  • Comments: 0  

Kraemer Designs TT~1

I no longer own this table but i want to share it with you guys. It is now owned by Dan Laufman, the owner of Emotiva.

This was my first table build. It started with a stock Project-Audio RPM 5.1SE. Soon after buying it from Needle Doctor, i wanted to upgrade the platter and it didn't stop with that.

I used lead shot in the platter and plinths, in total, there was 25 lbs of lead in the table.

Everything was upgrade and made new besides the tonearm and motor.

The tonearm is the 9cc i believe from Project and the cart is the Nagaoka MP-200.

It sounded wonderful :)


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