• Item: Phono preamp  
  • Type: "The Heran" phono preamp  
  • Posted: 22 November 2013  
  • Builder: mwhouston  
  • Country: Australia  
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OPAMP based highly accurate phono preamp

The creator of the oddawtt series of tube amps and kits has developed an OPAMP based, highly accurate, phono preamp. In my build you can switch between, MM and MC and in MC mode switch between 50 and 100ohms load. This MC loading suites my Ortofon Rondo Blue and I can switch between the two loadings on the fly to gauge the effect. I run my build on 4 X 9V batteries and on a 1.75" square single prototype cct. brd. I have a simple resistive network to provide +/- 18V. A couple of low ESR 220uf caps ensure smooth power to the chip an OPA2134. A battery test point is at the front.

The cap compliment is polies and MKT with a NP electro on the output. Better caps could have been used but a wanted a neat tight build. The preamp came out looking attractive and most of all sounds glorious. For an inexpensive build with great flexibility (two switchable TT inputs for my Rega (MC) and AT (MM) TTs)this would be hard to beat. Tested RIAA EQ tracking is better than 0.25db!


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