• Item: Vertical Twin System monitor  
  • Type: FD Audio SR-D402  
  • Posted: 1 April 2014  
  • Builder: St├ęphane  
  • Country: France  
  • Comments: 0  

FD Audio SR-D402

The concept is a copy of studios monitors KINOSHITA RM-8VC.
The volume of cases is the same, but a problem of handling, we have cut into 2 pieces.
The horn is a clone of the model TAD TH4001.
The JBL 2450J-1 are the models used by MEYER SOUND, they were up with D16R2450.
The speakers DAVIS ACOUSTICS, a French manufacturer of loudspeakers in 30 years, it uses carbon membranes and for mounting with double ferrite.
This set was manufactured by FD AUDIO.


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