• Item: DAC with digital crossover  
  • Type: TOTALDAC  
  • Posted: 18 September 2010  
  • Builder: vbrient  
  • Country: France  
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TOTALDAC is a system made of a 235mm*135mm electronic board and some accessories. It handles all functions between the SPDIF input and the power amplifiers.

The system is composed of:
-An SPDIF input using a Lundhal transformer. It accepts 16 to 24 bit formats at 44.1KHz, 48KHz, 88.2KHz or 96KHz.
-An internal clock made only of non microphonic components so without crystal. The clock is tracking the input signal but the tracking variation is limited to 1Hz to reject all audible jitter. This is possible because a large audio data buffer is used to compensate the clock delay or the clock advance to the music bit rate.
-A two way or three way 18dB/oct digital crossover. Calculations are made in a very high accuracy 69 bit processing. It is adjustable from the listening place using the remote control with 1Hz step.
-A delay adjustable from the remote control for each channel with 1cm resolution.
-One, two or three stereo digital to analog converters. They use no DAC chip but only many highest grade 0.01% Vishay foil resistors which are absolutely neutral on all aspects. No oversampling is used for the best possible sound but a 69 bit 100 tap FIR filter is used to compensate the 3dB loss which all non-oversampling DAC suffer from.
-One, two or three stepper motors to drive 1, 2 or 3 potentiometers or rotary switches from the remote control. That's a perfect way to make a multi-channel volume control.

This system can be considered as a DIY DAC kit. The main board is finished but all the functions around the board have to be made by the customer.


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