• Item: DIY Hifi Rack  
  • Type: Sand Filled Steel & Acrylic  
  • Posted: 1 November 2010  
  • Builder: dan_mason54  
  • Country: Australia  
  • Comments: 0  

The Minimalist

The minimalist hifi rack was required as its builder needed a rack to house his standard gear plus his newly modded turntable which required a sturdy platform on which to reside.

The design solution needed to be simple enough to be built in a week or two, but be functional, super sturdy and still remain pleasing to other inhabitants of the location of permanent use.

Firstly, the design. As we know, vibration is reduced by two factors: high mass and damping. The steel square tubes are 65x65mm and 3mm thick. These are filled with kiln dried sand for both added mass and damping. The whole frame is very solidly welded together. The shelves are made from 25mm acrylic sheets, which are polished to a shiny smoothness. The shelves weigh 8kgs each and the entire rack weighs in at around 70-80kg.

Silicon pads are used to damp each shelf, and the whole rack is not coupled to the floor. The builder believes that coupling to a wooden floor would not be optimal to achieve good vibration isolation.

Total project took approx 1 week to construct. You can see more details and photos of the project from the hifi page blog site: http://www.hifipage.com/category/hifi-rack-the-minimalist/

The builder is considering a second project, however his engagements in the far west has robbed him much of his spare moments. He will attempt to embark on it over the coming festive seasons...


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