• Item: audio rack  
  • Type: DIY  
  • Posted: 2 December 2010  
  • Builder: rdv300b833  
  • Country: Netherlands  
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audio rack

As the power amplifiers are seriously heavy (350 kgs) there is a problem finding commercial stuff that can take that load. Again: DIY to the rescue. I use aluminium parts normally used for construction purposes. Extremely strong; quite light; very flexible (you can have a lot of versions ... and most of them fit together also).

I use these construction parts for building amplifiers as well (very nice: you have slots on the inside of the amplifier to which you can fix components). The total construction of the rack is easy; and it is extremly rigid. This can hold more than 2000 kgs ... and I had no intent reaching that.

Only the middle part of the rack has horizontal glass panels to put items on. The power amplifiers do fix into this rack directly.

The construction parts were also handy to assemble safety-cages (for the power amps). Needed when probing little fingers simply want to touch that interesting red hot tube !


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