• Item: MC phono high accuracy preamp  
  • Type: retro-thermionic - Mimic  
  • Posted: 23 May 2015  
  • Builder: mwhouston  
  • Country: Australia  
  • Comments: 2  


I have built a number of these Bruce Heron designed phono preamps. This one is for MC only. All are built on prototype brd. I'm posting just the cct. board (not printed cct. brd.) because this is the very neatest most compact build to date. There is a differential PS built right on the brd. There is no hook-up wire or links in the audio path. Just two extremely short, fine,silver plated wires connecting power from the on board PS to the chip. The rest of the connections are only components leads.

When finished this sounded absolutely excellent.


  • vacuumar
  • 25 May 2015 at 07:20PM
  • the schematics ?
  • mwhouston
  • 10 June 2015 at 08:26PM
  • It is Bruce Heron of Oddwatt's design. Google it or get it from the diyaudioprojects forums. You will need to be a member.

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