• Item: DAC  
  • Type: Music Hall Dac 25.3  
  • Posted: 28 August 2015  
  • Builder: SSaudio  
  • Country: Australia  
  • Comments: 0  

Music Hall DAC upgrade with Discrete Op-amps

The biggest benefit was to the balanced solid-state output that bypasses the tube and output caps. The bass was kind of soft before, sounding thin. Now I have bass, nuance and weight to the music. It tuned this $600 retail DAC into something special.

I didn’t expect the difference would be so big.

Steps of the mod:

1- Some versions of the 25.3 DAC require desoldering while others have a DIP switch installed.

2- Once the stock op-amp is removed replace with Burson Supreme Sound Op-amps.

3- Reassemble the unit.

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