• Item: MM and MC phono stage  
  • Type: Retro-thermionic - "Mimic-SE" and "Bourbon"  
  • Posted: 4 September 2015  
  • Builder: mwhouston  
  • Country: Australia  
  • Comments: 1  

Mimic-SE and Borbon

I have been on a DIY MM and MC phono stage ride for some time now. Here are the latest, simple builds. The MM stage is based on Bruce Heran, of Oddwatt fame, high accuracy (to within 0.25db of the RIAA EQ curve) OPAMP based preamp but in this case I used better output caps. The caps are Solen usually I would use NP electros. Also in the "Mimic -SE" build I used a better quality RCAs. There is a battery test point at the front.

In the MC build ("Bourbon") I used the Boozhound Labs MC kit. The kit comes with PCB and metal film resistors plus Russian PIO caps. I used similar enclosures in both builds so as to look like a matched pair. Both run on 9V batteries. The enclosures are bitumanised heavy Al foil lined, WBT silver based solder is use and fine silver plated copper wire is used for hook-up. Ferrite beads on the inputs of both.

Both are really excellent sounding especially the MC stage. My Ortofon Rondo Blue has never sounded this good. I would thoroughly recommend the Boozhound MC kit.


  • doran
  • 17 July 2016 at 04:59AM
  • Looks great!
    Can I buy a Mimic-SE?
    If you not, how can I follow this project and make a same one for me? Please let me know.

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