• Item: Unity Horn System  
  • Type: Active 4 Way Speaker System  
  • Posted: 16 March 2016  
  • Builder: sheldon  
  • Country: United States  
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Unity Rev. 2

The system is based on the Unity concept developed by Tom Danley, to provide a controlled directivity point source from the tweeter and midrange drivers. Later systems incorporate bass drivers as well, but are much larger. The tweeter here is a TAD 2001, and the 4 mids are 5" closed back paper cone drivers. The output from the mid drivers enter in the corners of the horn about 3 inches from the throat, and are crossed to the TAD about 1kHz. The bass drivers are Altec 416B in a 3 cu ft box, and are crossed to the horn about 350Hz. At that frequency, the directivity pattern of the Bass and Horn are matched. The tweeter and mid drivers have some passive compensation to flatten the response and to provide protection. The rest of the compensation and crossover is done by a DEXQ PDC 2.6P. The bass driver is not low passed, and extends to about 50Hz. A tap from the Bass channels on the DEXQ feed a Mini DSP, which sums them to mono, and three separate outputs drive each of three subs independently. The subs are blended in according to Earl Geddes distributed sub protocols. This approach allows the smoothest response over a broad listening area in "small" rooms (basically any typical home situation). Amplification is a mix of tube and solid state DIY amps (9 channels total).


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