• Item: Speaker  
  • Type: 4 way horn speaker  
  • Posted: 16 December 2016  
  • Builder: schlager  
  • Country: Denmark  
  • Comments: 2  

The Great Dannebrog Horn

Big 4-way hornsystem.

Hornsub hanging from the ceiling to free up floor space. It is 3 cubicmeters and has 4 x 15" Fane Colossus XB drivers and operates from 22-100 hz. It is powered by a Behringer Inuke 6000DSP with 2 x 2000w/4 ohm.

Midbass is loaded with EVM 15L driver from 100-500 hz. Amp is Behringer Inuke 1000DSP.

Midrange is a paperhorn with JBL 2445 driver from 500-5000 hz. Amp is NAD 7100 also function as pre-amp

Last bullet-tweeter Selenium ST200 5000-20000 hz. Amp Onkyo TV960.

System effeciency 110db/w.

Behringer DCX 2494 for x-over and time alignment.

The listening room has been treated with bas absorbers and big panels, made from doublelayer plasterboards combined with rockwool bats on ceiling and walls.

This system has been developed over the course of 18 month and I used pc-modeling, aka Hornresp, Akabak and Tractrix12, to lay down the basics.

The sound is huge without overscaling instruments, transparent see-through with even the smallest details revealed and very dynamic.

It has a very natural timbre combined with immediacy and delicacy. Together with their ability to resolve the smallest dynamic shifts as well as to cover the widest dynamic leaps, it allow these speakers to project music in a way, that is intoxicating and very enjoyable.


  • DorinD
  • 17 January 2020 at 01:13PM
  • Very nice horn system, congrats!
  • hallcon83
  • 24 January 2020 at 02:03AM
  • Very Nice workmanship - and a cool design! We need better pictures - I can only see 3 speakers .... yet there are 4??? --- I wish I had the room to do that with a horn sub - are the 4 x 15 inch Fanes in the attic?

    Best Regards,

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