• Item: Sparrow Speaker Design - Logarithmic Spiral  
  • Type: My first ever speaker build!  
  • Posted: 19 April 2017  
  • Builder: SparrowlegsSpeakerDesign  
  • Country: France  
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Sparrow Speaker Design - Logarithmic Spiral speaker Enclosure

This was my first ever speaker build. Other builds can found on my FB page - www.facebook.com/SparrowLegsSpeakerDesign - Likes, shares and comments are always welcome ;)

When I initially embarked on building my first speaker, I wasn't aware of any concepts, typologies or even existing speaker brands.

The logarithmic spiral shape was created by nature and exists throughout the universe, the cochlea is one example.

As such this is where I got my inspiration from. The irony was, I thought I had created something new, totally unaware of the "Bower & Wilkins Nautilus" (designed by Laurence Dickie.

Only after constructing the enclosure did I realise the wheel had already been invented!

I'm not sure how many people understand how this enclosure works. Though its a sealed half wavelength cabinet, it sims and behaves like a infinite baffle in the truest sense.

It is made from Birch Ply, hand made, no CNC was used (though I was planning to go down this route until I got quoted a price!) The driver in the picture was just for testing (playing around) and I guess a homage to B&W when I found out about the Nautilus.

I designed this from scratch, so sorry guys, this isn;t a copy! ;)


  • ross
  • 5 March 2018 at 05:14AM
  • what awesome speaker. do you have a pair? how do they sound? what are the specs? what driver did you settle on? i hope you don't have borer!

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