• Item: Digital headphone amp/DAC  
  • Type: Project 3  
  • Posted: 16 July 2017  
  • Builder: Dr. Bar-Mental'  
  • Country: Australia  
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Project 3

My old "Project 3" - Digital headphone amp/DAC.

16bit DAC designed and built with Hi-End philosophy in mind.

Main features:

- no op-amps (even built-in to DAC chip);

- no feedback of any kind;

- no digital filter or oversampling;

- no analog filter after DAC chip;

- special power supply topology provides no capacitors in sound path.

Industrial DAC chip with "open" (not buffered) R-2R ladder was used. It was connected to a reference battery source from one end and to the triode’s bias battery from the other end, getting the shortest signal path possible.

The unit has one RCA and one Toslink Digital Audio inputs.

For 300Ohm headphones volume control provides 0 to -18dB attenuation in 2dB step.

Maximum output power is 1.4W which is enough to fill a bedroom with sound using sensitive (92dB/W/m and higher) speakers.


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