• Item: Fidelio Lowther Cabinet with a modern twist  
  • Type: Back loaded horn with an wave bending omni-directional horn.  
  • Posted: 17 September 2017  
  • Builder: SparrowlegsSpeakerDesign  
  • Country: France  
  • Comments: 1  

Sparrow Speaker Design - Lowther Fidelio MBL lovechild!

This is a continuation on my exploration of building wave-bending Omni-directional tweeters.

This time I have integrated the latest omni's with an existing Lowther Fidelio cabinet which was donated to me by Stuart @hifipig.

The synergy was derived from a simple idea formulated after reading about the fletcher munson curve.

A detailed explanation can be found at - www.facebook.com/SparrowLegsSpeakerDesign/posts/1370005659765057


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