• Item: Field Coil PSU  
  • Type: FCS-80  
  • Posted: 25 January 2018  
  • Builder: goldwang  
  • Country: Germany  
  • Comments: 0  

goldwang FCS-80

The operation of field coil speakers requires a stable and hum-free power supply. For the range 6-15V DC I have designed a suitable power supply with a max. power of 80VA, especially for use with EMS field coil speakers. The specifications were clear, adjustment range and performance should cover the whole spectrum of the EMS field coil speakers up to the largest model (B15EX) - with sufficient reserves! The devices should be compact and reliable and should also be visually accepted. The (deactivatable) display informs about the set voltage and the current drawn by the field coil. The output voltage is very sensitive with a 10-turn potentiometer precisely adjustable so that the magnetic field dependent parameters can be set in a wide range.


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