• Item: Passive sub-woofer  
  • Type: Monacor SP-252E  
  • Posted: 1 May 2018  
  • Builder: marco_gea  
  • Country: United Kingdom  
  • Comments: 0  

Passive sub-woofer for a friend

This project is a passive sub-woofer, designed to complement a friend's DIY loudspeakers that employ 2x Fostex FE127E "full-range" drivers in a 1.5-way configuration.

The goal was for the sub to blend well with the main speakers, as well as with the listening room, in terms of room gain. And of course it had to be designed to a reasonable budget.

The driver of choice was an inexpensive but interesting 25cm woofer: the Monacor SP-252E. This is an "old-school" woofer with a cellulose cone, foam surround, and optimal damping at Fs/Qt = 84.

It is housed in a 60L bass-reflex box tuned to 32Hz, and driven by a dedicated Reckhorn subwoofer amplifier (www.reckhorn.net) - while the main speakers are driven by a small, refined but low-power valve amp.


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