• Item: Aksa Lender  
  • Type: Alpha20 (hybrid Aleph)  
  • Posted: 16 May 2018  
  • Builder: ESJ  
  • Country: Finland  
  • Comments: 0  

The Guardian (updated version)

For some reason original "Guardian" was taken apart.. Only empty frame sitting in a corner of our room.

I had spotted promising project on DIYA, simple SE class-A amplifier with moderate power rating that included Aksa Lender - front end and Pass CCS.

At first I ran this system with heat pipe CPU-coolers and large fan in 4U case, somehow I was scared that I burn whole amp if fan stops working. Later I took this build apart and remembered my skeleton frame and huge heatsinks that were unused too at the moment. I used to had many ideas what to do with that build, so I chose one approach and started to work with that.

It's still not completely ready, but I promise to update this project when I'm satisfied with rear side and cleaned wirings a little..tough there are very few wires after all.

Powering on will let you see through the center part and all the caps and bla bla bla, same tricks as previous "Guardian" had already. Last picture shows aluminium facing before painting.

I promised myself that this is the last amp I ever build..I don't know can I keep that promise. I guess that time will tell. But this amplifier circuit is totally a keeper.

-2x20w@8ohm SE Class-A
-Super nice Toroidy's audio grade - transformer, 2 x 20v 500VA
-Elna Silmic II's
-IXYS mosfets
-1,92A bias
-264 000uF of filtering capacitance as CRCCRC-config


Akkeli, helping with metal works again.


..and everyone else involved with Alpha-project. Sorry if I forgot to mention someone :/. You guys are awesome! It was fun to build almost side to side with you.




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