• Item: Aksa Lender  
  • Type: Alpha Big Boy 55w mono blocks  
  • Posted: 23 July 2018  
  • Builder: ESJ  
  • Country: Finland  
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"Are those computers?"

Instead these two mono block amplifiers are somewhat experimental build with active cooling, using 2 pcs each = 4 pcs total of Dell server CPU coolers and each of them contains one Noctua 140mm fan, so 4 Noctuas also for stereo pair. Power output is about 55w@8ohm which is very good result with pure class-A amplifier. Heat dissipation is something like +200w per amp, over 400watts total.

They sounds really powerful, you couldn't believe there's "only" 55 watts of power!

I made variation with black and aluminium sides, prefer black maybe. Top cover is 6mm slightly tinted glass.

Each mono block contains;
- 545va 2x30sec trafo's, making almost 40vdc rails.
- Inrush current limiter.
- Kemet 15 000uF 63v caps, making 150 000uF per channel.
- SMPS for fans, they run at 12vdc and are quiet enough.
- 2x noctua 140mm fans.

Thanks DIYA, Akkeli for metal work and everyone else involved :)

- Esa Juntunen


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