• Item: "Matariki" amplifier  
  • Type: Tube integrated amp  
  • Posted: 26 August 2018  
  • Builder: Aros71  
  • Country: New Zealand  
  • Comments: 1  


An integrated amp based around EL84 output tubes in the usual PP configuration. This results in ~15wpc power.

This one has a 2-triode RIAA stage and active tone controls, as well as remote control for power on/off, input selection and volume.

Top plate was hand-drilled and punched, front panel was CNC milled and drilled, and the lettering was done with adhesive vinyl and a laser cutter.

PCBs were hand-made and soldered apart from the remote control (the silicon centipede is the microcontroller for that)

The Power LED is connected to the startup delay circuit. The LED is red while the tubes are warming up then changes to Green as the high voltage supply is switched on after 30sec

This one uses Soviet NOS tubes. All-up cost was ~$940 USD


  • Tecnosom
  • 26 August 2018 at 10:41PM
  • Muito bonito este amplificador com duas el 84 na saida .Qual é o preço dele ?

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