• Item: 5-way active system with horns and OB  
  • Type: Misc DIY  
  • Posted: 13 March 2019  
  • Builder: hifiguru  
  • Country: Norway  
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Hifiguru's nest

HI! My name is Torbjorn and I'm a audioholic. :D

Well, after 30-some years in this hobby and some time working with it I must say DIY is much more fun than buying things from the shelf. I'm running on tight budget and I'm not concerned of looks, fit'n finish. As you can see. Please don't hesitate to ask questions.

Tweeters: Beyma CD10ND with 18Sound XT1086 horns.
Midrange: Eminence Alpha 8 in OB
Midbass: B&C 8PE21 in horn designed by John Inlow
Bass: 4x15" Eminence Gamma in open baffle
Sub: 2x10" Scan Speak Revelator in 7th order cab.

Amps: Argon SA1 for tweeters
NAD C268 for midrange
Doxa 70B (Norwegian brand) for midbass.
Hypex UcD 700/diy for Bass OB's
Hypex SA500 plate amp for sub.

Source: PC running JRiver with Audiolense for x-over, freq correction, TTD (true time domain) etc. USB to Focusrite 18I20 mk.2 soundcard

Tidal and MConnect on Iphone.




  • altops
  • 18 October 2019 at 06:27PM
  • how does it sound? and vids?

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