• Item: EL12N 6W SE class A amplifier  
  • Type: DIY  
  • Posted: 24 June 2019  
  • Builder: Pamook  
  • Country: Croatia  
  • Comments: 0  

...another brick in the class A wall :)...

...the project started as a EL6/EBC3 amplifier but after all 4 EL6 tubes in stock proved faulty in different ways, new socket was installed and EL12N tubes were selected and put to work in output stage... it produces (roughly measured) 6W per channel of pure old "round anode" sound. The otuput tubes work as pentode... A very nice and addictive clean sound... Im more than happy with the result... I was worried with humm/brumm induced via EBC3 G1 connection (its G1 on the cap), but no problems whatsoever... dead silent... It was a DIY from scratch, massaranduba wood for case, and an old 78rpm record holder for touch protection...


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