• Item: 2-way JBL  
  • Type: DIY  
  • Posted: 14 March 2020  
  • Builder: ESJ  
  • Country: Finland  
  • Comments: 4  


For my need of sensitive speakers.

JBL 2226 15"
JBL 1" driver
JBL Horn


Theres also couple of my DIY amps in picture, bigger one is First Watt "SIT-3" 18w@8ohm (or something like that) clone, PCB designed by mighty ZM and smaller one is basic ACA 6w@8ohm.

Crossover is based on Wayne Parhams awesome 4Pi-speakers. I had to make some modifications for horn/driver section since Wayne uses different parts. Xo parts are from Jantzen Audio with air core coils.

Enclosure is 110L vented and tuned around 35hz.

If I have enough time I'll veneer those white enclosure parts and fabricate some kinda grills. On the other hand; white=high waf. More about that later, now it's time to enjoy some metal music ;)


  • pkab1972
  • 5 April 2020 at 04:45PM
  • DearSir

    Good day
    Is it possible to send me the cross you have use and the dimensions of the cabinet plus it's schedule?

    Thank you
    E: pkab1972@gmail.com

  • alanhuth
  • 1 March 2022 at 03:38PM
  • I'm thinking about building Wayne's 4 Pi Speakers. Why did you decide not to build them? Seems like you are pretty close.
  • alanhuth
  • 1 March 2022 at 03:40PM
  • Thank you,

    Alan Huth
  • ESJ
  • 21 September 2022 at 03:54AM
  • Hi guys, I'm very late for answering, again.. pkab1972, google Wayne Parham and Pi-speakers, he can give you all those thing you asked for.

    alanhuth, I build these only because had all the parts already and wanted to give it a shot with Wayne's crossover. Worked well and these speakers are still in use..not at my place though. Guess original would sound a little better still? Good speaker anyways.

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