• Item: Tube Phono preamplifier  
  • Type: A010  
  • Posted: 22 December 2020  
  • Builder: Audiophile  
  • Country: Russian Federation  
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Phono preamplifier

Premium-level components.

In the power supply capacitors JJ, Nover Audio Grade 10000mF, Jantzen Z-Cap, choke on the bus, toroidal transformer in a steel casing filled with epoxy resin. Mounted mounting, RIAA correction Board with Mundorf Supreme EVO between stages, Mundorf Supreme at the output, in addition, Audio Note High Quality Audio Capacitor Specially made by Rubycon is used! Resistors tantalum, Allen Bradley, lamp panels ceramic with gold-plated contacts with screens that prevent the microphone effect and protect against various interference. MS transformer step-up of high class is made to order, German permalloy, triple screen, a pair of MS transformers is placed in a shell of 7 meters of steel tape which in turn is placed in a metal casing. Wiring of signal circuits silver, RCA connectors Cardas, you can put on order any other. Toggle switch MM-MS with silver contacts. All components are selected with the lowest run-up between channels. As a result, the sound of the corrector with both mm cartridges and MS is very high, the resolution, the scene, the air, the emotions embedded in the musical material are transmitted as realistically as possible! The body is made of steel 2mm powder-painted, the back panel is aluminum with laser engravings, the front panel is aluminum with electroplating in black.


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