• Item: Grundig  
  • Type: NF1  
  • Posted: 11 November 2021  
  • Builder: Pamook  
  • Country: Croatia  
  • Comments: 0  


Here we go - got a decent Grundig NF1 chasis with all valves included... Changed all the capacitors, resistors and added a small transformer into the mains circuit to bring the voltage closer to 220V (today we have 230V+)... fired it up, checked the voltages, connected the speakers and source, and - was amazed how nice this amp can play... It deserves second chance, so some wood was added, and also rca and speaker binds, closed and fired again. Fantastic level of clarity for a 60+ yrs old amp. There are one ELL80 (basically two EL95 in one envelope) and one ECC83 per channel. Simple and beautiful. Happy, happy, happy :D


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