• Item: ADS Floor Speakers Satori TeXtreme / Heil ESS AMT 3  
  • Type: ESSentielle by MHP  
  • Posted: 20 February 2023  
  • Builder: daniboun  
  • Country: France  
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ADS ESSentielle project

Hi amigos,

Would like to share some pictures and spec of my brand new Satori Textreme / Great Heil AMT 3 diy project.

In this adventure, I remained on an eco-responsible perspective by working in particular with my favorite local carpenter Anthony who was in charge of the selection of the wood (see below). I designed these 2.5-way floor speakers with a “Graham Audio” philosophy, which usually mounts its loudspeakers behind the front panels. I kept the frames from my previous project, still based on a 1st order Xover 6DB/octave and the SMD crossover developed by MHP which drives the Heil ESS transducers in their latest version. Here we find the same gain compensation setting, which can be adapted to a lot of amps.

I opted for the latest Satori MW16TX woofers in 8R, which use very fast TeXtreme membranes. For information, the Satori MW16TX equip the “Rockport technologies Atria II” whose prices are close to 32K€...

I decided to move towards these woofers TeXtreme because SB Acoustics corrected a small accident encountered in the MW16M (Egyptian Papyrus), especially around 1200HZ. The MW16TXs have a cleaner overall response up to around 2000HZ (see below). As a reminder, I cut here @ 1680HZ )

On the spec and carpentry side, I conceptualized everything in 3D before the production:

- 100% handcraft "Ambarroise" made in France cabinetmaking, based on alternating paneling in real Oak + Beech wood, : 20mm raw wooden plank treated with Danish oil.
- Bi-amp crossover. 1st order, 6DB/Octave for Woofers
- Dedicated SMD crossover developed by MHP with gain compensation for Heil ESS (0DB / -1.5DB / -2.5DB / -4DB)
- Jantzen and Monacor Low DCR coils > Iron Core type +- 0.10 Ω | 3%
- Frequency cut-off points: 325HZ / 1680HZ
- 2.5mm2 copper / silver wiring for Woofers
- 1mm2 silver single strand wiring for Heil ESS
- 4R impedance
- 88DB sensitivity
- Frequency range : 30HZ-40KHZ (+-3DB)
- Independent volume : 20L / 60L


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