• Item: Field coil loudspeakers  
  • Type: Folded open baffle  
  • Posted: 15 July 2023  
  • Builder: Supersurfer  
  • Country: Netherlands  
  • Comments: 0  

SW Audio speaker project

The drivers are custom built using parts from EMS loudspeaker in France. The suspension, spider and surround are modified to lower distortion and Qms. This leads to a stiff suspension that needs low damping from a loudspeaker cabinet and amplifier.

Due to the high efficiency and high magnetic field of the field coil, the driver is still easy to drive with high quality directly heated tube amplifiers.

The field coil is fed by a power supply that is designed for very low impedance and is adjustable; the Qes can be regulated by adjusting the voltage, this feature is any speaker designers dream to be able to adjust it to fit the cabinet and other driver(s)!

The cabinet is built from solid wood; red cedar baffle and top and sidka spruce side walls with bracing. The back and bottom are open and the electromagnet of the driver is suspended on the pole in the back to minimise influence on the baffle.

This loudspeaker is the most dynamic, detailed and lifelike sounding I have ever heard and is extremely involving; there is no escape when you sit in front of them, they will pull you into the music completely.


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