• Item: Mono integrated SE 300b amps.  
  • Type: SE 300b  
  • Posted: 6 August 2023  
  • Builder: Supersurfer  
  • Country: Netherlands  
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SE300b amps

These amps are designed and build by me using only the best components I can find.

The amplifier section is an interstage coupled 3 tube design using a 6sn7, PTT3 or Ca and 300b-mesh. Volume control is done with Audio Consulting Silver Rock volume transformers. Interstages from Hashimoto and Tamura, output transformer is the legendary Tamura Permalloy series.

The power supply is a 3 choke design for optimal ripple reduction. Build with Hashimoto power transformer, 2 Hashimoto chokes and one Tamura choke. Capacitors are NOS Western Electric and ASC oil types. Rectifier tube Psvane 274b WE replica.

The chassis is made from padouk wood with a copper top an back plate, volume knob is made from watered maple wood.


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