• Item: "Lyra" 100WPC KT88 power amp  
  • Type: Push-pull tube Power amp  
  • Posted: 1 November 2023  
  • Builder: Aros71  
  • Country: New Zealand  
  • Comments: 0  


The Lyra was designed to replace an earlier build, this time using custom designed PCBs and a greatly improved power supply. This design uses Fixed Bias with a traffic-light voltage comparator indicator panel on the rear to allow convenient bias setting. Included is an input mute board shorting the inputs to allow swapping of input cables without powering off the amplifier.

This one is built using Hammond 1650R output transformers and a Hammond 379WX mains transformer. Topology is Williamson, and B+ voltage is 540.

Chassis is a 3mm aluminium bolt-together chassis from AliExpress, with custom CNC and laser engraving. The whole unit weighs just under 30kg.


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