• Item: 300B Monoblocks  
  • Type: 300B  
  • Posted: 18 December 2023  
  • Builder: Vincent  
  • Country: Hong Kong  
  • Comments: 0  

300B Monoblocks

Features Highlights:
-Each block contains an 100VA Power transformer, an 10H choke and an 35W output transformer
-All of the B+ and filament voltages are regulated by LM317
-Soft start for filament voltages (to prevent inrush current from damaging the filaments)
-starts from 1.9V to 5V and 6.3V in 10 seconds
-Delayed soft start for B+ (to pre-heat the filaments before supplying B+ for prolonged tube life)
-starts from 20V to 376V in 30seconds after 30seconds delay upon power ON
-Timer function achieved by 555 IC
-Solid state relay for B+ for prolonged life
-Zero-crossing detection (achieved by the solid state relay)
-Plenty of RC snubber networks used to reduce damping and noise


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