• Item: Solid State Headphone Amplifier  
  • Type: Onixia Bijou Headphone Amplifier  
  • Posted: 4 March 2011  
  • Builder: koogar  
  • Country: United Kingdom  
  • Comments: 1  

Onixia "Bijou"

I guess you could call this the son of “Onixia” my integrated amplifier.

Although it’s a headphone amplifier/pre-amp it shares a few design points that make them an attractive pair in today’s minimalist environment.

Built with modification in mind and modular like “Valvorine” the amplifier section can be removed and replaced with alternative designs by simply plugging them in.
This allows for a large variety of listening options not just op-amp rolling but whole design rolling!

Also present is the option for an onboard AC PCB mount transformer although at present it runs on DC anything from 9-30v

“Bijou” meaning: jewel, small and well-formed

Rupert Hirst (2010)


  • Adam
  • 24 September 2013 at 06:34AM
  • Lovely idea the modular approach. Also like the attention to detail like the RCA's sunk at the rear.

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