• Item: Turntable  
  • Type: Harward Audio Acrylic Belt Drive  
  • Posted: 9 March 2011  
  • Builder: Gutty  
  • Country: Australia  
  • Comments: 7  

Harward Audio #1

After a day of turntable shopping with a couple of friends, both of which brought home new turntables i got an itch to upgrade my humble Rega P2. Not having the $4000 odd dollars required to buy the turntable i loved, and being a CNC machinist i decided to build my own.

Basic specs:
Motor: Pro-ject RPM 9/10.
Bearing: Rega P3(looking to upgrade this as i think i can easily do better).
Tonearm: Audiomods V4 with a few extras added by me.
Cart: Ortofon Kontrapunkt A.
Plinths and Platter: Acrylic - DIY.
Feet, Spacers, Clamps and Motor riser: 316 Stainless steel - DIY.
Total cost: a whole lot more than i expected. But all in all not too bad ;-)
Enjoyment Factor: 10 !


  • Gutty
  • 13 April 2011 at 11:19PM
  • Thanks. Yeah, for the most part it's a DIY turntable. I'm currently planning on replacing the Rega bearing with one of my own as i think i can do better than the Rega. And may in teh future even have a crack at making my own tonearm.
  • GA-Audio
  • 14 August 2011 at 01:58PM
  • Great, well done, beauty ....
  • GA-Audio
  • 22 September 2011 at 01:56AM
  • Respected Gutty!
    What is the cost of manufacturing plinth for a player?
    please contact me at my address.
  • Gutty
  • 29 September 2011 at 05:43PM
  • From memory the acrylic was about $160 AUD each just for the material. Any plastics or sign shop should be able to make one for you.
  • GA-Audio
  • 20 October 2011 at 02:45PM
  • Hi!
    How come a time when I'm ready for this, whether you ordered for my size.
  • ross
  • 5 March 2018 at 05:01AM
  • it looks like a pretty sweet ride for any lp

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