• Item: CD Player  
  • Type: No-Brand China CD Player  
  • Posted: 17 May 2012  
  • Builder: komkris2000  
  • Country: Indonesia  
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Re-building and Lampizating a CD Player

July 2011 brought me a bonus, a unbranded CD-Player made in China, a marketing prototype which did not took off since the seller disappeared. The player was lavishly build using milled solid aluminium slabs of 5mm and 10mm thick , a no-joke heavy weight chassis and brilliantly finished , top loader with a metal CDM9 swing laser. .... but other features were just mediocre and needs rebuilding ! This really turned me on. So, I modded it to become a transport , a new servo , a transplanted TDA1545A DAC array from my MONICA DAC (DIY Paradise.com) , no op-amps but Mullard CV181 tubes as output , all PIO capacitors, separate power-supply chassis with five dedicated regulated modules for its servo, transport, new DAC and lampization arrays.
Signal and Power-supply chassises will eventually be stacked up with three umbilical cables (Kimbercable 4PR) connecting them at the back . Project lasted July 2011 - ends 17 May 2012. Havn't really done a costing audit on it, but reckon I may have gone a bit over the top... Sound character ? ... Yes accurate , micro-details , analytical to the point of "sterile" to my ears. So let it burn in thoroughly and do further tweaking to get more musicality as my golden-boy , the tubed Marantz CD4000

Uses my DHT2A3 end-amp , DHT112a line-amp and the Proac R1S speakers for audition and testing.

Paul Yahya


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