• Item: CD Player  
  • Type: PS SCPH-1002  
  • Posted: 10 July 2011  
  • Builder: blink  
  • Country: Portugal  
  • Comments: 2  


Brushed aluminum front with 5 mm thick.
TFT LCD 3.5" color, if you want to view and use some functions such as Repeat, Shuffle, Time, etc.
You can also change the output sound (Dome, Hall, Church, Studio, and Direct).
Buttons on the unit for functions Play/Pause, Prev, Next, Rew, FF and Stop.
The cover of the CD opens by pressing the front button on the top right.
The unit turns On/Off by pressing the button on the right below (ALPS switch).
Blue LED for better signal with noise reduction in jitter, and consequently more analog sound with more detail and more dynamic
The laser was adjusted to allow a reading on all CDs It reads CD's recorded.
Fast-acting diodes were replaced in the power supply, capacitor in the primary system was replaced by Vishay, and system secundary by Panasonic.
Metal box, painted matt black and silver gray.
The output of the DAC capacitor original have been replaced by capacitors directly audiophile quality Mundorf.


  • mattcamp
  • 6 December 2011 at 12:16PM
  • Hi blink

    Im working also to à scph 1002 do you have some tips to make my power supply beter en DAC?
    I like THE thinks that you make (respect)

    Wil you please help me with my project.

    Greatz Matthew

  • GC
  • 25 September 2012 at 01:23PM
  • Would you like to help me and send me some designs for the electronics to help me with this project?
    I like the things that you make very much, they are very ingenious and good looking.
    If you would like to send emails you could contact me on mrgpcgpc@gmail.com

    Thank you very much for your help.

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