• Item: CD Player  
  • Type: Playstation SCPH-1002  
  • Posted: 10 July 2011  
  • Builder: blink  
  • Country: Portugal  
  • Comments: 0  


It's a project box this time in 8mm thick aluminum, the housing is all welded aluminum, the front is 10mm thick.
I am using other skills in primary and secondary sources, as the output of another DAC is slightly different layout.
I removed the dish's home record and put a metal gives greater stability and rigidity to the cd, the dish on top of the album takes a magnetic clamp.
The front buttons are aluminum, I had to invent and take apart the switch on the right to make a "stubborn", dismantled it and removed all but one contact, shoved him into a spring so when you run to do the right contact and turn off automatically when it is to do the Reset.
The cover is 2cm acrylic glass rods mounted on stainless steel, open or closed can work.


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