• Item: Fostex FE206En drivers in a bass reflex box  
  • Type: retro-F206  
  • Posted: 5 September 2012  
  • Builder: Retro  
  • Country: Australia  
  • Comments: 0  

rerto-thermionic retro-F206

I dropped all my extensive 5.1 gear to go back to quality 2 channel sound around my new 46" LED TV. An Oppo BDP-93 player, my Paris 3.5W 6EM7 integrated amp and now Fostex FE206En drivers in a dual chambered ported box make my new system. This is all supported by a 125W 12" subby in an 80L enclosure. The Oppo supplies the LFE and decodes all surround sound programs to two channel.

I wanted a heavy stippled finish as much for looks as non-reflective surface around the large screen. The boxes have the top chamber lined with Dacron and the huge magnet of the drivers is layered with bitumanised heavy Al foil. Four rare earth button magnets allow the metal grills to be popped on and off.

The boxes are 96db efficient so combined with a very detailed 6EM7 true integrated amp the sound is dead natural and very, very real. I just keep smiling!


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