• Item: Busk Audio  
  • Type: 2way active  
  • Posted: 15 September 2012  
  • Builder: Busk Audio  
  • Country: Denmark  
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The Stand

I´ve for a long time wanted to make a serious 2way loudspeaker, and here it is.
Tweeter: SB Acoustic 29rdc
Bas/midrange: Scan Speak 18W8531G01
I´ve never made a lightweight loudspeaker, and I´m not going to start now, these have a weight of 20Kg pr. Speaker.
Inside cabinet is made of 19mm MDF, but for every parallel set og sides, the one side have got triangular lists of pine wood, 18*18mm. And the other side has got 4 mm of bitumen (an asphalt/rubber product).
On the outside the top, bottom, rear and sides have got 18mm Finnish plywood, and the front have got 3layers of 15mm Finnish plywood.
The bass reflex tube is ending out in the bottom of the speaker for better bass integration with the room. But because of this the speakers has to be raised at least half of the tubes diameter. So the speakers are resting on high spikes on the front and a shorter version on the back. The spikes are standing on special rubber spike feet from Valhalla technology. The hole speaker are standing on 21mm Finnish plywood, mounted on a pair og WM Acoustic Reference stands, these are filled with 15kg of sand and are placed on 10mm rubber. So they are firmly decoupled from the old wooden floors.
Right now they are driven actively with Ground Sound DCN23 dsp filters, and are driven as 3way with a pair of 16” subs.
But I can assure you that they can perform very well on their own.


  • Stixx
  • 19 September 2012 at 11:34AM
  • Very nice! I also like how the speakers are shifted to the bottom side...

    Interestingly I built very similar stands (but with only two posts) many years ago :)

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