• Item: Busk Audio  
  • Type: 3way passive  
  • Posted: 17 September 2012  
  • Builder: Busk Audio  
  • Country: Denmark  
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The Vergo

This is made for a freind I have.
Tweeter: SB Acoustics SB29RDC
Midrange: Scan Speak 15M4531
Bass: 2* SB Acoustic SB23NRX45-8

Cabinet is made of 19mm+12mm MDF for top/bottom/rear and sides, front i made og 3*19mm MDF

To breake parralel sides in the midrange chamber, triangular at half moon shape pinewood list are placed on the sides. Also ind the bottom of the bass chamber, to prevent peaks between top and bottom.

Basreflex tube is placed in the bottom for better integration with the room.

The croosover has it own chamber in the back, so it´s easier to upgrade the filter latter on.

Spikes is custome made of 38mm stainless steal.

Size: 135cm high, 30cm wide and 45cm deep
weight: 70kg


  • artmachine
  • 6 October 2012 at 03:26PM
  • a masterpiece!

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